Thursday, 15 April 2010

The unconventional blog begins!

As a person I've always been drawn to what lays outside the realm of conventional ideas on how things are meant to be done, and what a person should do. Such as playing football (soccer to you in the states) during the summer and ice hockey during the winter, for me it naturally became freediving and underwater rugby. I find that I get more joy out of discovering new methods, materials and ways of thinking than simply just being told what to do. Come to think about it I think that the main appeal to being unconventional is all the research I get to do, the journey is better than the goal type of thing.

As of now I've found and researched a ton of different materials, methods and ideas and will spend the first entries trying to get you up to speed. I'll discusse everything from straw-bale houses, barefoot running, skin-frame-kayaks to recumbent bikes, if you've got anything unconventional then just let me know!

Hope to see you here again

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