Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tenkara, Fly fishing the Japanese way

I love to fish, I don't do it especially often but once I start I tend to forget about everything and just enjoy being in the present. My fish of choice is the humble Perch, simply because it's in every lake and all around Sweden's coast. So now when my cheap telescopic rod has broken I thought about taking up fly fishing, I quickly found all the information that I needed but just couldn't make that decision to purchase a complete kit. In one way or another I found TenkaraUSA last year and fell in love with it! It follows the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple stupid) by excluding the need for a reel yet still keeping the beautiful fly fishing action that a simple cane pole rod can't. For less than 200 grams you have a complete fly fishing kit with a rod, line, box of flies etc! But... will it really work for perch? I haven't got a clue and because of that I'm still hesitating, if I find a suitable trout water then I'll definitively get one but for perch... I don't know. Yet now that I know that I'll get a large amount of money from my tax return I just might have to place an order :-)

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  1. Hej Christopher!

    Du undrar om abborrflugor på TenkaraUsa och på denna sida, under fliken "artiklar" finns minst tre texter om abborrflugor. Min favorit är en illgul A-killer vars enda "problem" är att även gäddan älskar dem och snor dem om man missar en tunn ståltafs:-)