Friday, 5 November 2010

Mizuno Wave Universe 2

What can I say, I've been bitten by the barefoot running bug and I don't think that I want to find a cure, it's just too much fun running barefoot or with the most minimal protection one can find!

During the past year and a half (or may be even longer than that) I've been running barefoot or with my Vibram KSO, aka "the monkey feet", and I've loved every moment in them! Except when the temperature drops below freezing, then my toes go numb and due to my stubbornness will probably freeze and fall off before I'll get home. So in comes the minimalistic no heel ├╝ber light Mizuno Wave Universe 2! It may be a traditional looking running shoe but looks can be deceiving, weighing a less than a third of a normal shoe and with a complete flat profil it won my toes heart (this since they can now snuggle into warm wool socks together with their mates).

I took them out today for a short run with my darling and her parents vorsteh. Cirka 4 km slow runnning with a handful of sprints going full out. What can I say? I love 'em! You might wonder if 100 grams more or less on your feet makes any difference but if you haven't felt them in your hands or for the matter seen the look on the shop assistent thinking that the box is empty OR runed with them then you my friend still think that the floppy is better than the CD/DVD/Blue ray etc. Come on, go test them, or purchase them on-line and try them out in your home just to see want you think.

And now for something else... what shoe should I have for trail running? My criteria's are: flat = no heel and minimal cushioning. But will I spend it on a "more" traditional shoe (I 'aint what you probably call a traditional runner) like the Inov-8 Baregrip 200 or a barefoot type shoe like the: RunAmoc, Feelmax etc

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